The intensification of separatist movements in the East and South of Ukraine in 2014 has led to the extremely negative consequences for the state, such as loss of the effective state control over some large parts of the territory, destabilization of the Ukrainian society, social and economic crisis, and others. An effective response to separatist movements is impossible without understanding of the nature of separatism and separatist movements, the reasons for their emergence and development, which makes them prioritized objects for the scientific study. In this article, the purpose of which was to identify prerequisites of the emergence of separatist movements in independent Ukraine, we consider the internal and external factors that hindered the establishment of indivisible national humanitarian space, led to creation of artificial social and cultural boundaries within the state and spreading of anti-Ukrainian sentiments within its society. The most significant of them are the weakness and inconsistency of national humanitarian policy which resulted in the fragmentation of the humanitarian space, absence of concrete steps aimed at overcoming the negative remnants of the Soviet era in the field of culture, education, national mentality, lack of an adequate response to the humanitarian impact, which was carried out by pro-Russian forces and the Russian Federation that, as a result, has created the grounds for the intensification of separatist movements in Ukraine.



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